The Rules

  1. The trustees have chosen the following themes for the Keith Wingrove Memorial Design Award:
    > Best overall bookplate design by any Australian artist.
    > Best overall bookplate design by any non-Australian artist.
    > Best etched bookplate design by any Australian artist.
    > Best relief print bookplate design by any Australian artist.
    > Best Australian Tertiary student design.
    > Best Australian Secondary student design.
    > Best Australian Primary student design.
  2. In order to qualify in any category the following minimum conditions apply:
    > The bookplate will mention the owner’s name.
    >The bookplate must be appropriate for marking the ownership of books.
    > The bookplate owner must be a living person or an existing institution.
    > The design will incorporate the words Ex Libris or similar designation, such as His Book or Her Book.
    > The image will have a maximum height of 15cm and width of 15cm.
    >The image will be printed on paper to a maximum size of A4 (210x297mm).
    > The Australian bookplates will have been designed and printed since January 2016.
    > Because this is the third time in which an international award is offered the bookplates submitted may have been produced since 2015.
  3. All graphic art techniques are permitted including photography and computer based design.
  4. Bookplates usually exists as multiples for use within the owner’s library, therefore evidence of replication must be verified and only printed bookplates will be accepted. Original drawings, original designs and photocopies will be excluded.
  5. Four copies of each bookplate must be submitted together with a copy of your entry confirmation email. Each of the four bookplates submitted must be signed by the artist, in the lower margin under the design and the Entry ID number on the back in pencil. 
  6. An artist may submit any number of individual Bookplate designs and must nominate the award category for each design submitted.  Although a bookplate design may be entered in multiple award categories, a single bookplate design is eligible to win only one award.  
  7. A bookplate collector or any other person may submit on behalf of an artist. If such a bookplate design wins an award, the prize will go to the artist. Therefore the artist must be both living and contactable.
  8. All bookplates become the property of the Trust by donation. No compensation will be made by the Trust for any bookplates submitted to the competition. These bookplates may be donated to an educational institution or public library; or may be disposed of to raise funds for the Trust or in any way which the Trustees deem appropriate.
  9. The Trustees of the Keith Wingrove Memorial Trust will decide all prizes and will be advised by a three person panel of judges. The panel of judges will be assembled from practising artists, designers, art historians, collectors and representatives of public libraries. The judges will have regard to the artistic and technical qualities of the bookplates, as well as originality and merit as a mark of ownership, which combines concept, image and text. The decision of The Trustees will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  10. The Trustees and the judges reserve the right not to award prizes in any one section or category, at their discretion.
  11. All bookplates submitted will be displayed on the official website for up to two years.
  12. Applications for the Australian Bookplate Design Award must be submitted online via the website: The application only becomes active when the physical bookplate has been received at the following address: The Australian Bookplate Design Award, PO Box 927, Templestowe, Victoria Australia 3106 Australia. Once the bookplate design has been received it will be posted on the official website to acknowledge that the application is valid.
  13. All information about dates, current addresses and locations will be posted on Facebook:
  14. All bookplate entries for the Australian Bookplate Design Award 2020 must be registered on line and each design will be given an official Entry ID number. All entries must be identified with the official Entry ID number and then posted to The Keith Wingrove Memorial Trust PO Box 927, Templestowe, Victoria 3106 Australia.